R22 Replacement

  • Act Now

    R22 refrigerant was phased out in December 2014. Technology is constantly evolving and changing within the air conditioning sector. The changes have been made to a more environmentally system (R32) which lowers carbon emissions and ensures air conditioning systems are decreasing energy costs.

    R22 is now a banned refrigerant in all new virgin systems. This old technology has been considered to work less efficiently (as much as 40%) than new replacement systems.

    Taking action now in replacing your old R22 air conditioning system ensures that you are legally 100% compliant, while saving you on energy consumption.

    This action should be your top priority regardless of the age and condition of your existing system. Therefore by acting now, this will help save on cooling energy costs.

    Here at Optimum Air Conditioning Ltd, we will help to provide you with a cost-effective solution in replacement of your existing air conditioning system to fall in line with legislation, as defined in the 2037/2000 EU regulations.